Leave A Message lyrics

[Puff Daddy]
You better be home

[Mary's answering machine]
Yo, whatsup, this is Mary,
I'm not home, leave a message, peace

[Puff Daddy]
Yo mary, it's Puff, pick up the phone nigga
Hey yo Mary, it's Puff, hey, yo Mary yo, you got studio
Tonight, 8 o'clock, Hit Factory, in the mall, you gotta um,
You gotta do this video shoot, get back to me...Yo I know
You there man, pick up!! Shit, get back to me man, beep me, peace

[Kool DJ Red Alert]
Mary, Maary, Mary, Mary, yo yo Mary, yo Mary,
Yo Mar-Mary, Mary, It's me, me, me, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah, yeah, Kool Dj Red Alert, check this out, Mary, Mary,


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