Marty Brown - I Don't Want To See You Again

Don't look so surprised I told you I'd say goodbye
If you couldn't just make up your mind
You keep saying love can wait but I can't and it's too late
This old heart has just run out of time
I don't wanna see you cause I don't wanna feel you
I don't wanna love that I can't win baby
I don't want you to call cause if I can't have it all
I don't wanna see you again

When your new life gets you down don't be tempted to come around
Just think of all the times I let you slide
When your teardrops finally come you'll realize that I'm the one
But I won't be there when it's your turn to cry
I don't wanna see you...
I don't wanna see you...
[ piano ]
Date: 02.08.2018      View: 77