I've Been Good To You (live, 1981) lyrics

(William Robinson )

Look what you've done
You made a fool out of someone
You thought love was true
I found out that you, were just having fun
Oh why do you want to make me blue?
After all, I've been good to you
(I've been good to you)
Oh but I recall a time
You needed somebody and I made you mine
You needed a friend so I took you in and I treated you kind
Oh why do you wanna make me blue? ooooh
After all, I said I've been good to you
(I've been good to you) Aw yeah
Woah now I've been good to you, to you
(I've been good to you)
Now I have always been around
And I will never let you down
Now you're telling me that you must go
You know babe you're hurting me so
There'll come a time
Oh yeah one day, one day, one day you're gonna find
You'll come back to me and you'll be on your knees
And you're gonna be cryin'


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