Marillion - Garden Party

(Derek Dick, Steve Rothery, Mark Kelly, Pete Trewavas, Ian Mosley, Brian Jelliman, Diz Minnitt)

Garden Party held today
Invites call the debs to play
Social climbers polish ladders
Wayward sons again have fathers
"Hello, dad!", "Hello, dad!"

Edgy eggs and queuing cumbers
Rudely wakened from their slumbers
Time has come again for slaughter On the lawns by still "Cam" waters
It's a slaughter, it's a slaughter

Champagne corks are firing at the sun again
Swooping swallows chased by violins again
Straafed by Strauss they sulk in crumbling eaves again
Oh God not again!

Aperitifs consumed en masse display
Their owners on the grass
Date: 27.09.2018      View: 98