Afterlife lyrics

Beyond the sea of faces, admist the staring eyes
despite distance, time and places, is a fear we can`t disguise

Trying to remember, a childhood memory
The echo of the voices, I can hear you calling me

How was I to know so long ago
you would not be here, to pick me up when I`m down
and all before my life is gone I will try to understand
The ending I fear is my own

Will I see you again in the afterlife, in the heavens high above?
Will you remember me in the afterlife, will you show me where to go?and I`ll never understand, until I se you again in the afterlife

Will I see you again in the afterlife, will you recall my name?
you were all that I know and I`m never letting go
you`re forever in my heart and in my soul


Can`t fight the sadness and regret,
I`ll never know how to show you I care
all of the words I meant to say
now I`l have to tell some other way



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