Just Swingin' lyrics

INTRO [Maestro Fresh Wes] {Ebony MC}
Ahh yes
Swinging along, just swinging ahh yeah
Me and my main man Ebony MC {Right about now}
Just swinging along {We just swinging along}
Ah yeah, special shout out {Bust it}

[Maestro Fresh Wes] {Ebony MC} (Both)

We rock the mic {We rock the mic well}
We rock the mic {We rock the mic}
Well, we rock the mic and (We rock the mic well)
(1) for the treble (2) for the bass
Come on Ebony MC help me rock the place

{Ebony MC}We be waiting, playing, anticipation
The next new rhyme that I be creating
For '89 I decided to fix, my rhymes
To make them fresher, to cook under pressure
To be on top and never be the lesser
I'm the animal, uh the hunter
To go getter of a guy
I am the best of the west the beast of the east
Some people call me lazy, but that's alright
I like to lie around talk around, fun around
Sleep, get comfortable and even relax
'Til my sleep meter reaches the ultimate max
To live without my waterbed would be ?????
'Til the party roles around my...
Well, I'll never be a peddler, never be a bagger


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