Inanity Over Christmas lyrics

Inanity Over Christmas

Hello, everyone out there. This is Carl and the rest of Madness
We'd just like to bring you a bit of Christmas cheer
Please remember to keep a smile on your face till the New Year

Hello, this is Woody. And we've got a little song for you. Merry Christmas
1, 2, 3, 4

Hiya, Merry Christmas everyone, Mark here. I'm going to play a bit of bass for you now

Hello, this is Chris, Happy Christmas

Hi, Lee Kix here, filling your stockingI play sax
But also, I sing at the same time
Baffling, eh?

Well, it's jingling bells, it's Christmas time
Santa fetches his sack
Snowdrop glitter falls from the skies
To settle upon each and everyone's back

Chimney sweeps take to the streets
In the ongoing situation
Pages freeze upon your pension book
And up flies the flag of inflation


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