Measurment Of Discipline lyrics

With burning eyes a glance to darkness the countour beast is rising consolation in the
Figureine of discipline caught between thoughtlessness and reason wanting to fell life flow
Decreasing executing orders given by deathlike conjurers analysing the means anddimensions
Expirmenting with demise a passage through the distorted mirror
Seeking the the consent of balance discipline of mind and matter the spine of childhood is
Crumbling a momentary loss of insight scolding the brath of punishment modular componenet of
Pandemonium carving with black at refrence zero being the grey of darkness a shadow of
Redundancy a spiteful disciple blood flow
The measurment of disciple with burning eyes a glance to darkness the contour of beast
Is rising consolation in the figurine odf disciple caught between thoughtlessnes and
Reason wanting to fell life flow decreasing


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