Mack 10 - You Delinquent

Voice: What the fuck?
Mack: I'm tired of playin' with yo' ass nigga today you gone die.
Voice: Aaaagh agh

I went from Inglewood to H-Town tryin' to put the hustle down
but I could already tell these bitch niggas wanna clown
like I'm the new jack of the city but I ride like nina roll
& I can see now one eighty seven got to be the penal code
I'm fed up that's it that's all fuck that get it get it
& since he bullshitted & ran with it
a murder must be committed
Now the kidnap got to go down
In other words I got to steal him
then put the pistol to his grill &
cock the hammer back & kill him [Face]
We finna (get him) & once we (get him)
gotta make a statement
He fucked the family
man to respect 'em we gotta waste him
No hesitatin' heat him up & leave him on the pavement
then find his momma so she can help us find her baby
Nigga are you crazy?
We don't bullshit when it comes to payday
they fuck with Face they
don't let me catch you on the highway
or in public places we dumpin' on ya like that
Nigga You Delinquent we on yo' ass like that

Date: 26.08.2018      View: 102