Mack 10 - You Ain't Seen Nothin

[JD talking] (Foxy Brown)
(Uh.) Did y'all expect us?
(No no.) Bitches, can y'all get naked?
(That's right!)

Uh, y'all know me, and the dough I see
Fa so la ti, it's chi chi
Ladies wanna hold me, get to know me
Talks to each it, wanna sleep with it
Simplisticness keeps me hot, while y'all stress
Tryin to see the top stop, everything drop so
Everything drop platinum or gold and the whole world know
I'm that playboy J, doin it my way like Usher
And I don't feel bad when I crush ya
Like blush ya, style big ball, I'ma hit y'all
With shit that's gon make niggas forget y'all You feel me dog? I'm a C-H-I, multi
And I live and die for the whole pie
You can call it what you want, I'm a motherfuckin vet

[Hook:] [Mack 10] (JD) {Foxy Brown} X 2
(And ain't none a y'all seen nothin yet!)
It's that platinum shit, that's all we get
So let it be known that it's all for real
{And all we about is them dollar dollar bills!}

[Foxy Brown]
You know that Na Na got the heater shit
That uh, everybody wanna eat her shit
Niggas talkin about they six wanna see this shit
Knowin half a y'all broads wanna be this bitch
>From NY to the west side, motherfuckers keep me in the best rid
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