Mack 10 - From Tha Streetz

[Mack 10]
Yo, this one goin out to everybody in every ghetto
Turn it up and just so we accusin make sure it bumpin

This is for the straight thugged-out, the low ride pro's
Triple O.G.'s with the hot six fo's
Go fast ballers, bangin six gears
Three time felons with the tattooed tears
For all the homies out there that cook it up good
Distributin so up they project a neighborhood
Whether it's Peruvian or Ghetto D
Won't you bust down a kid and sell a ounce for me
I'm from the ghetto so the hoodrats gettin propers
Real criminals, robbers and the pit bulls squabblers
Puttin down thousands till there ain't nothin left
cause real street riders, let em roll to the death I like fly shit so I scramble for the pay
Rather hustle homeboy, then gangbang anyday
Was down with the truce in nine-deuce though I looted
It's the Y2K and i'm still khacki-suited, what you thought?

Chorus: Mack 10
From the streets, from the streets, from the streets
Tell em where I'm from!
From the streets
I represent where I'm from and I'm nutty as they come

[Mack 10]
I'm like them Hot Boys, got Cash Money and hot toys
Plus them automatic things to make the pop noise
for haters that resent me, they jealous evidently
Date: 26.08.2018      View: 122