Macabre - Gacy's Lot (john Wayne Gacy)

I saw him on channel two
An exclusive interview
Discussing what the police unveiled
In his house on Summerdale
The police unveiled a gruesome find; The product of John Gacy's crimes
They found a lot of dead boys in their plots left to rot on Gacy's lot
So they dug up the lot and tore down the house to look for the boys that
were buried about
Twenty eight boys were found on the lot filling his living conditions with rot

Who wants to buy Gacy's lot where he quicklimed the boys and left them to rot
Nobody wants Gacy's lot where he planted the boys in their lime filled pots Who wants to buy Gacy's lot where he strangled the boys with a tourniquet knot
Somebody bought Gacy's lot and built on the spot where John left them to rot

Then up for sale went the lot
Where Gacy concealed dead boys he caught
Who would partake in the morbid sale
Of Gacy's lot on Summerdale
It must have been quite a buy to build a house where many died
Thirty three boys were Gacy's toys and on his lot they were destroyed
Most of the boys were stashed on the lot with a quicklime cover over their
Someone built on the lot where John killed and kept the boys he got
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