Squalie lyrics

juelz talking:
roll wit me, its santana
yea I'd like to welcome yall to the great
fuck wit ya boy! Zeke!

juelz santana
verse 1:

Now I got more than my swagger back
Listen here homie
Mr. Mick Jagger's back (uh-oo)
Young Zab of rapOnly difference is this Judah
Will shoot ya, then get back to rappintraffin' crack threw half and half-tins
make stacks and stacks and thats a fact,man
yall cant fuck wit me
baby girl would grab my nuts for free
and you know i got my pimpin together
got my game, got my cain, got my limpintogether, shit bitch you better get your
switchin' together cuz this back-hand
will get you together, hope you know that
and sometimes i can't believe my niggas
still in awe, I'll give my arm just to feed my
niggas, eat, dont stop homie breathe my niggas
I need yall more than yall ever need me my niggas


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