Vangough - Abandon Me

Turning to find all my dreams and hopes left behind
Years that I've lost waiting for fame to find me!

Come love me
Come adore me
Worship me
Then all at once Abandon Me

Serving lies
Black suits and champagne with serpent's eyes
I will save a seat for you in hell

Is this what you want to say? I'm right here!
And tell me who to be and what to say
Oh could we be just like them and be just the same?
Give me a break and grow some balls for a change
See through your fake mind
Capitalize on my talent if you please
And don't forget my credibility
See the shadows dancing right over your name
Dry you up and spend you right back where you came

How could you lie
And forsake all we made?

Can you see the pain you've caused?
Can you see the dreams we've lost?
Shedding all my faith in you
Just a handshake and we're through
With words and drink
Was I your sacrifice?

Date: 27.09.2018      View: 60