Usher - Hottest Thing

[Mısra 1]
I've been looking at U
Turning brothers down
Song after song
Well it's time for me to holla now
(Your body is calling, don't fight it)
Ooh I like it
You're dancing alone
What's that all about?
You're so fine
But it's time for me to call U out
(Watch how I straight run up on ya)
Girl I want ya

Ooh you're the (Hottest Thing)
In the (club tonight)
Having (visions of)
Making (love tonight)
With U (constantly)
To the (break of dawn)
We can (shake the spot)
If U (say it's on)
[Mısra 2]
Dancing so close got me up like WHOA
We're doing the most
Is leaving with U possible
(Your body is saying U want to)
And I want U, oh baby
More than U know sugar
If only for one night
I'll make U feel
Like you've been to paradise
(It's all up to U, tell me something baby
I know one thing

[Nakarat] 2x

Baby tell me (what's on your mind)
Do U think that I'm (being too forward?)
Ooh baby (by coming at U)
Coming at U this way
I can't help myself

[Nakarat] 3x
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