Sonic Youth - Disappearer

here it comes again
out of the rain
seems to have a new
kind of same

been playing on a
simple rhyme
the sign comes alive and
speaks the mind

it turns to me and
turns to gold [go???]
it turns to see
the fast lane slow

it's been away too long
it's been the way i'm goin'
it needs custard[?] on
to the west star

looking out i thought i
saw it blink
coming on to me
like a silver eye
pick it up and
turn it on and
head on out to
western starland

it's been a man and gone
now it's a singing song
like a western star
it's going my way

looking out i'm back in
time to stay
into the eastern
silent way

come to life
through the clearer
ghost arise
into the mirror

you've been away too long
it's been way too long
an eastern star is on
a Disappearer
Date: 08.10.2018      View: 132