Sonic Youth - Bone

dry as a Bone, take it to heart
don't look back, you're the one
that's alright, straight from the Bone
walk on by, look to the left
touched by none, that's alright
that's alright, dark as ink
you are the one, Lord just thirteen
no matter fun, truth never seen
dry as a Bone, dry as a Bone
hands in yr pants, tied to the tree
rocked back and forth, hips in the leaves
thighs in the bark, make me free
that's alright
you are the one, don't look back
strength from the heart, walk on by
that's alright, that's alright
white boy say, yr just fine
first to the last, take it okay
momma don't know, walk straight by
look to the left, you are the one
poor little Bone, shiver inside
fast talking walk, Bone girl go inside
that's alright, that's alright
don't look back, push yr hips up
yr gonna be free, just for a while
Date: 13.08.2018      View: 128