Simple Plan - One Day

Sometimes this house feels like a prison
that I just can't leave behind
there's so many rules I got to follow
'cuz you can't let go

I don't wanna hear it
And I just can't believe it
All the stupid things you say but

One Day I won't take this anymore
One Day I'll be old enough to do what I want to
I won't have to run away
And you won't be there to say I'm not allowed to
One Day
Sometimes I wonder if you know me
Or if you just pretend to care
Tell me are you on a mission to bring me down?

Go away
Don't look at me
'cuz we're not the same
And you can't do nothing
You can say
That it's not ok
But I'm not afraid
And you can't do nothing

nanana...One Day.
Date: 26.09.2018      View: 113