Screaming Forest - Uterus Of Hate

Vaginal stench kills my mind
She opens the gates
And from her uterus
Horrible creatures walk

I can't scream
My nec is wreked
I can't live now
Uterus killed me

One of them cuts my dick
Fuck, I'm already dead
I wanted pleasure,
But resived pain
Uterus, Uterus Of Hate
Killed me in my pleasure
Uterus, uterus of death
I finde the horrible treasure

Uterus, bloody uterus
Yo gived the life tj monsters
Uterus, fatal uterus
You take my fucking life
Monsters from vagina
Eat my damned flesh
I'll see pussy at last time
God save the pussy
Date: 28.02.2017      View: 76