Screaming Forest - Angelcunt

White clothes but soul of goat
Where is you wings
Kiss the cocks with sweet moan
Moan on wicked lips
Open you crimson gates
Give me your sweet hole
I'll give you pleasure of sin
Go on, angel! Show me your flesh
One of Lord's creatures
Fall into the abbys,
Abbys of hot genitalias
Abbys of unholy pleasure
I'll take you to hell
Your soul and cunt are mine
I'll never forget that beauty Of sweet and horney Angelcunt

Angelcunt - so sweet
Angelcunt - increable abbys
Angelcunt - so hot
Angelcunt - red fucking hole

Angel, fly away
Kiss the sky at last time
Angel, where is your prey
God hates you now
I'll give you my kingdom
Black kingdom of lust
Dead kingdom of pleasure
Sweet kingdom of holocaust
Date: 28.02.2017      View: 67