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Since you were born you watched TV
Cartoons with violence and greed
In your world all that was OK
Your parents never taught you right
From wrong, brother taught you to fight
Now it's time to show them what you've got
Time to show them what you've got

An attitude, a fancy car
Your buddies got your back
Your parents' house compared to yours
Looks something like a shack
In your thirty seven guns
The bullets painted red
A simple stare is all it takes
To fill 'em up with lead but
Why, are you acting like you're someone else?
Why, can't you stop thinking about yourself

Last Friday night you went driving
A stolen car and golden rings
It was something you just had to do
Your little friends the cops caught you
You're sentenced for a long time
Now tell me what you're gonna do
In a world where no one cares
Labels i don't want to wear
I had a dream that i could once walk
Safely in the streets
You had to take it away from me
Date: 19.09.2018      View: 86

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