Ninja Sex Party, you're awesome!" / We know">

Ninja Sex Party - The Decision

You're probably thinking to yourself
"Ninja Sex Party, you're awesome!"
We know
But thank you anyway
You're having trouble deciding
Which one of us to have sex with
That's natural
But nice of you to say
Well maybe I can help you out
Clear up all of your confusing doubts
Do you want sex with a ninja
Or sex with a guy like me
The choice should be so obvious (Dan)
And although he is mysterious (Brian)
Don't you want a man who's tall whose name is Dan
And is Jewish
One other thing...
Everyone in the band has an STD
Except for me
By the process of elimination
You can make determinations
On who just that might be
It's Brian
Brian has an STD
...I'm sorry.

Date: 15.03.2019      View: 6