Nick Lachey - Fall İn Love

i don't know what it is tonight
your smile, your eyes, yeah
even in a candlelight
you shine so bright
and you're so beautiful
more beautiful than you've ever been
i catch my breath
and fall in love again

i can't imagine where i'll be without you with me
i need you every day more than words can say
i want you in the life
and for all the life
this night will never end
you take my hand and i fall in love again

i've been sure that a miracle
could've brought you here to me
when i'm with you
heaven's all i see
all i see

caught up in ever touch
i feel the rush of this moment back when we're here
each time we kiss
i fall in love again
i can't resist
i fall in love again
Date: 19.09.2018      View: 122