Mase - Family Crisis

Huddy Combs bring it home, we don't stop
Jimmy Jones all alone, we don't stop
Loon crime fam', we don't stop
Meeno, NRB, we don't stop
To my man Blinky Blink, we don't stop
My sis Baby Stase, she don't stop
Killer Cam', Cardan, they the famOne two, we don't stop
I know you thinkin', how many nigga's he got?
Or what, how many nigga's is hot?

Yo, yeah you a fake wanna be rich nigga, bitch sticker
You know, that get on the stand and snitch stinker
So when Cardie read the press, I dream of success
I want cream to invest plus a Beam' and a LexSo I sold bags of Dutch, the cash and plus
Date: 18.08.2018      View: 177