Mase - Don't Need Security

Yea, you know how i never remember a gangsta havin security
A nigga like usher need security, a nigga like justin need security
A nigga like lenny kravitz need security
Gangstas dont need security
My nigga MJ when this drop, you gonna need security

I had the Desert since Biggy left it
Too many fake niggas from my hood that i dont rep it
And you can tell ima wildcard, by the way that im standin
Niggas bobbin and im landin, aim sharp and they shittin
You know a nigga hurt his hand, punchin cars like its cannon
Throw a nigga hail mary from 1&8 like Manning
So, Dont let em amp ya, i got it up in here
Im not from Tamba but we get the Buckin in here
3 niggas with blades, sorta like Musketeers
Like peter i kno jesus but eager to cut me in here
Date: 25.09.2018      View: 148