Mase - Do You Remember

shake the world
oh oh...yeah yeah..hands in the sky
now put em up high
oh oh...yeah yeah...hands in the sky (come on give me a reason why)
now put em up high

If its your thing that aint workin then you improvise
Why its me you hate? thats genocide.
Everytime im in a vibe its me they criticize.
But every time they in a ride its my song they memorize.
The richer get richer the poorer get poorer
See im here to save the city like sadom and gamora.
I got an order i'm awaitin' from the 404
My aura's not the tora, plus i'm jazzy like Nora.
See my code they call my wodie and dont even know me
I been around the world man without a roadie.
See i'm classic like a oldie save the game like a goalie.
I got my rolly holy, so you can call my holy rolly
Date: 18.08.2018      View: 121