Mase - Do What Playas Do

Uhh (uhh)
Wanna blow? (Wanna blow?) Pretty Tone (Pretty Tone)
Suave House (suave House) Eightball (Eightball) Tony Draper (Draper)
All Out (All Out), Murder (Murder)
Harlem World (Harlem World), problem children (problem children)
Y'all niggaz got problems (y'all niggaz got problems)
Uhh (uhh) UHH (UHH) Yo (YO)

Now I can play with these hoes, or spray four-fours
Whatever the situation, may call for
I can sport linen, pimp hard, court women
Have the ice, hand to waves all spinnin
Or I can get in, to some real thug shit
Armed robbery, slash, deal drug shit
Peel slugs quick, cause I'm versatile
I can ice grill, but I'm worse when I smile
Expert with style, y'all give hoes cash
Date: 18.08.2018      View: 170