Mase - Blood İs Thicker

What what
For my family, nigga
This for my family, nigga
H-World in here (Yeah)
All Out in here (Yeah)
Bad Boy in here (Yeah)
Some nigga's don't never learn
Don't never learn, uh

You know we used to see eye to eye, now it's just hi and goodbye
You gon' go against the fam', damn, why you wanna die?
I know where you reside right there on the East Side
Street wise, I don't just roll alone we ride
Loon all smoked up, Meeno wanna rob you
J might feel you, Hud wanna kill you
Mase wanna let it slide, Stase wanna get you high
And walk you in that wrong building
Date: 04.10.2018      View: 173