Mase - 100 Sheisty's

[Sugar J]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo
Check me out, yo
This is J 'Sug', yo
I know you been around the world, man
I don't fuck wit' the sheisty niggas
I don't fuck wit' the sheisty hoes
I done did it all, nigga

Yo, what would make a scared man pull a trigga'?
The same thing that make a scared man act biggaThe same thing that make me grab my tec and empty quicker
Adrenaline rush, on the hush
You will die fuckin' wit' us
Vacant lot is my home and In my team I trust
So don't talk about them things if yo' things don't bust
I knew a guy like you, his name was Filipe
Date: 27.09.2018      View: 217