Journey - Dixie Highway

My love, my love, rockin' and a rollin' the night away.
My love, my love, ooh, makin' love till the break of day.
My love, my love, oh, oh, ooh, Dixie Highway.
I don't care what you want to do, baby,
Long as it's happy and free.

Baby, oh, girl, you drive me crazy.
Baby, oh, girl, you drive me crazy, baby.
I want to hold on you, come with you, love with you all the night.
Foolin' who do you think you're foolin', baby? Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby
Who do you think your foolin', baby?
You want to hold on me, love on me, love with me all the night.

My babe, move it to the left, now move it to the right all night, all night.
Oh, my, the love that we make is oh so sweet and tight
My love
Oo, yeah, Dixie Highway.
I wish I was in Dixie, Dixie, Dixie.
Date: 27.08.2018      View: 119