Jeanette Biedermann - How It's Got To Be

Baby,you will have to earn it
Uhhhh... Come on
Oh yeah,that's How It's Got To Be

Babe,you will have to earn my love
Oh yeah,that's How It's Got To Be
Because I just wanna see you're
good enough

I'm tellin' you darling
Don't want any nonsens
I think that's appalling
Man,I tell you I've been there before
You mustn't be shy boy
That ain't too fullfilling
just neddin' a big joy
I have started looking around
Oh baby You will have to complete my mind
I know that's a grind
It whould be so kind

You will have to excite my heart
That'll be a start
Gotta fit the part

You gotta seduce me
I'm not very prudish
I'm willing to give you
Evryhting I know your heart desires
You're giving french kisses
Like you've done your home Boy
And I'm gettin' blisses
Sugar,I've been craving for you

Na,na na na.....
Date: 01.10.2018      View: 107