Hendersin - I'm Leaving

[Verse 1: Hendersin]
Another day, another dollar, 'nother email
Another friend request, oh it's a female
Another fan commenting on on whoever he tell

Wanna go and pay for my music, yeah that's retail
But I'm nickel diamond budgeting, weed sale
Even when we fail
We hoping that we prevail
But I think that they guessing me
Borderline harassing me
Cause there's nobody on this f**king planet that is asking me
To sign up on this line, on this line that is dotted
f**k your Friday night procedure
Like a zebra, I ain't spotted in the club
I ain't sipping drinks in the studio
Chair is where I sink
And then I go and think
But, if you find me out
And I'm getting tipsy
It's probably cause my life is getting iffy
I put my hussle first
I ain't Nipsey said I Ken like Griffey
When I'm gonna I promise you gon' miss me

[Hook: Noah Jackson]
Cause I'm Leaving on a quest for fame
I don't know when I'll be back again
Working hard every night
But I just can't get it right
Leaving, this just ain't the same
I don't know when I'll be back again
This world's got way too much to see
This sound just ain't enough for me

[Verse 2: Hendersin]
But devotion with the lack of promotion
Like it's so opera with the lack of a motion
Elections without voting
Coasting without ocean
Hard to reach a goal when you keep solo hoping
I'm taking criticism, it's constructive
Cause on the real we just tryna be productive
The place that I reside same place that I hide
Cause I don't really have too many people I can fight
In, this industry tryna get rid of me
My best friend, he's living out in Italy
My other best friend literally 2 miles away
The last time I've seen him, well, I can't say
But, I hope it's worth it when I tell him that we on
I hope the critics go believe the hype like the T on, me
Team Henny just know that I got us
f**k the red and blues they can't stop us


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