Frankenbok - Backpack And A Passport

Get your backpack and passport and you get out of here
We don't wanna see your face no more
You gotta broaden your horizons, expand your wings and soar
Open up your tiny mind and explore
Keep your enemies close cause that is all you will have
You've spent your welcome now it's been revoked
You left in a path of ruin from all the shit you've been doing
Take this chance cause it won't come around again
Get out, get out, get out now
Get your backpack and your passport and your walking shoes
And take a hike somewhere you cannot be found
Where walking on ice and breaking the eggs are the only things that make any sound
When fate smiles for the last time, we've faked smiles for the last time
You get your backpack and you say goodbye
Date: 01.03.2017      View: 51