Dwight Yoakam - Does It Show?

Does It Show? as I watch her walking by?
Does It Show? that I'm trying not to cry?
Does It Show? that he's the reason why?
Does It Show? that every smile is a lie?

Does It Show? even when I am discreet?
Does It Show? I fall right down at her feet?
All on its own, my heart lets me know I'm love's biggest clown.
Do you think that shows even when no-one is around?

Please, tell me honestly:
Am I fooling anyone, Or is the truth kinda hard not to see?

In ways that I'll never know, Does It Show??

Please, say its not too late,
So I can stop while there's still time,
An' avoid me some small bit of ache.

Does It Show? with each flickering memories final glow?
As night's cold shadows wrap around where hope let go.
An' I sit there in the dark, Does It Show??
Date: 11.10.2018      View: 217