Dimmu Borgir - Alive In Torment

1. Tormentor of Christian Souls

[Orginally released in 1997 on the album "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant".]
[Music and lyrics: Dimmu Borgir.]

I could drag you to my chambers
and strip you naked in darkness
I could pull your fingernails out one by one
and rape you till you find no hope

I could rip your guts out
and let you watch me sacrifice your unborn child
I could leave you to starve
and even bring you to total silence

Come on!

For I find no pleasure in your physical pain
I want your Christian soul to crumble

When I have seen your church go up in flames
and you are weeping I will laugh
When you mourn over loved ones
I will feel bliss when your mortal soul is in ruins

Come on!

I will grin in the shadows
for that gives me pleasure

Tormenting a Christian soul

2. The Blazing Monoliths of Defiance

[Orginally released in 1999 on the album "Spritual Black Dimensions".]
[Music: Dimmu Borgir.]
[Lyrics: Nagash.]

With hearts of midnight, brightened by his infernal light
We stand as a monolith of wrath, united under the goat of a thousand young

Two horns thrust upwards in defiance, three inverted as the trinity denied
A phalanx of mourners in black, falling towards nightly terror

Unleash the tempted beast, raised your horns in prideful blasphemy
I`ll be your guide into the glourious darkness
And enchant you like a taste of sin

Unleash the tempted beast,
chant thereon in words
of blazing scorn

Grant me my dark desires,
strengthened through the power of Satan

Take plesure in the torment of the wretched
And rejoice in the delight of the flesh
Behold the face of Satan
And walk the fields of erotic fire

Hunt the Heavens ...

Godless temples beckon
Through gleaming scapes of horrid nightmare
Gathered between symbols and signs
A glow of new light is born out of the night

Give into your lust and carnal desires
in twisted blood-dripping ecstasy
In the name of Satan
I lead you into temptation

3. The Insight and the Catharsis

[album "Spritual Black Dimensions".]
[Music: Dimmu Borgir.]
[Lyrics: Silenoz.]

(The Insight and the Catharsis!)

Passenger on confessional course
Unlock with the key you behold within
Repaint the shadow of your mind
And come awake

"Oh, dreadful angel of mine
Enrich me with the vastness of your being"

"Rigid father, teach me to comprehend
I`ll commit myself to understand
To be the faithful and the instrument
So that the ones with blindfold can see what I have seen"

"That there is nothing inbetween
For I am the accomplice..."
Aghast and tender, indulged in sin
Embraced by loneliness, legions who grin
I blunder into the realms of slumber
I collide with the obscure

[Vortex & Shagrath:]
And see the last fraction of light go by

[Guitar solo]

Plundering the sanity from the insane
(And) providing appearances in black
Carefully swept in decadent spheres
(But) faces in this world always remain darkened

In circles of dominance, emotional deeps unite
Fiction and transcendence woven together
In the essence of purity lies wisdom
Join the forces, the spiritual black dimensions

[Guitar solo]

What more do you need of proof
Human hands conforming clooven hoofs
For I know the secrets and lies behind all truths
Knowlege is power and the power is mine It`s all mine

So let the children come to me
And share the limitless ways to infinity
Escape death and disease
And behold youth and vitality

(Come on, Stuttgart. Let me fucking see your hands in the air!)

"Oh, dreadful angel of mine
Enrich me with the vastness of your being"

"Rigid father, teach me how to comprehend
I`ll commit myself to understand
For I am the accomplice..."

4. Puritania

[Orginally released in 2001 on the album "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia".]
[Music: Shagrath.]
[Lyrics: Silenoz and M.Lunde.]

We do away with your kind.
Countdown to exterminate the human race.
Four, three, two, one...

Let Chaos entwine on defenseless soil.
Remove errors of man and sweep all the weakening kind.

I am war, I am pain,
I am all you`ve ever slain.
I am tears in your eyes,
I am grief, I am lies.

Bygone are tolerance and presence of grace.
Scavengers are set out to cleanse the human filth parade.

I am pure, I am true,
I am all over you.
I am laugh, I am smile,
I am
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