Dima Bilan - Changes

Isn't it anything that you said
Isn't it anything that you've done
Isn't it anything that I think we could overcome
It's not even a fight we could blame
Lover that I could name
It's harder to take when things ain't so quietly

Slowly they start,
cracks in your heart
Till all you know is drifting apart

I'm going through Changes
All the things I've had are new
That I wanna hear with you,
feel wrong

And you know what's strangest?
I think you fell the same
Don't let guilt make you stay,
it's okay

Cause everything Changes, Changes, Changes, yeah
There's nothing in the past I regret
Knowing that I'm man enough for it
I will never want to forget these memories
I'm looking for somebody else
I'm trying to find myself
It's been nice for so long
Who did I used to be

This is a role
I don't want to play
Trying a find a way I can see

Cause everything Changes, Changes, Changes, yeah

If we listen to ourselves we'd know
It's time for something new,
to start
Cause I heart

Changes, Changes, Changes
Date: 25.09.2018      View: 234

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Dima Bilan

Dima Bilan is an Russian singer.