Close 2 You - Nice And Nasty

Everytime I see this guy
Hangin' around or passing by
Think he's got no money
Is he with somebody?
He looks nice
Oh! Baby think twice!
There we go again
Talkin' 'bout men
Doin' without them?
Nobody can
Did I tell you 'bout the boy I met
Gave me the best kiss I ever had
Everytime he looks into my eyes
I never think twice
'Cause he does it nice and...
Nasty, lookin' out for somebody
Head 'm up and move 'm out
Nasty, lookin' out for somebody
Get it on and do it now Caught you in my corner dude
I was nasty you were rude
Called me kinda freaky
You did it pretty sneaky
He was cool
Girl don't be a fool!
There we go again
A one night stand
Can you resist it?
Nobody can
Did I tell you 'bout the other night
We were lovers 'till the morning light
If he'd ask me just to stay with him
I wouldn't think twice
'Cause what he did was nice and...
Are you ready steady everybody
Nice And Nasty everybody
... Nasty...
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