Chaostar - Dilate The Time

A cosmic ray, all my ideas
chasing the light and spreading fear.
And what if I could Dilate The Time?
Would I control the global rhyme?

-Freezing the moment
-... and laid to rest
-You have to race!

All my beliefs into the womb of time!!

-Offspring leading chariots of light,
future now is fragile and so close,
just a line to cross,
I need you,
cause all lines, need at least,
two points,
to exist...

-Attach to your dreams the power of will
and you'll see their mass, how huge will appear!
-Energy turns into mass, you'll see!
-Our newborn ideas!
-Two parallel lines
-they begin from your eyes
-... Our eyes

And do have a point where they meet, and is close...

Where we approach the speed of light,
trying to Dilate The Time! Trying to Dilate The Time!
Dilate The Time!!!
Date: 15.04.2019      View: 84

Chaostar's biography


Chaostar is an Greek singer.