Casketgarden - Where Sanity Ends

Always searching borders of selfishness
When was whenmin pushed the mind cross the limits of existence?

Why these four walls are closing out my soul?
Why my curtains are always black and drawn?
Drawn - curtains are drawn
Drown in my own liquid mind, decomposed rot inside

I'm always proud of the things that i have got
My nest looks like king's castle
Don't question my eternal knowledge
No failures I haonly the past tense

Your fake reality with all your love and straightness
that is the place Where Sanity Ends
Where Sanity Ends

Let me here in my own liquid in this pigsty
go get a life, but it won't be as bright as MINE


[Chorus 2:]
I'm the sample that's the way to progress
Lock out the argues, bow down and rest
Where Sanity Ends

But my life just slipt awarotten
Date: 02.10.2018      View: 48

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Casketgarden is an American singer.