Casketgarden - After Us Fire Floods

World seemed endless but it fades away
I switched my track from not to dissolve but stay
Slithering to infinity
The crossing I crave it cannot be...

...the point in the distance for railways rasp the unknown
The wish and the dream are different but the sleeper - is the corporate thorn

After Us Fire Floods
All is burning
No more dams to hide

All fake roads lead to eternity
My half I missed it was always there for me
Abreast running all the way
Don't look back , let the burning sulphur rain...

...on men of blindness
Transform them to pillars of salt
All of them, to pillars of salt

As crystal clear eternal crysalis
they died as they lived half-hearted and alone and soulless
Sodium and chloride are lifeless
their pillars of salt are nameless

Let the burning sulphur rain

Fallen leaf I was without a tree
But I found my branch it's always in bloom for me
All the bridges burn on our way
Don't look back - that moment will congeal...In cold structured pain


After Us Fire Floods
There's no mountain
High enough to build an ark

All the dams are on fire
Date: 28.02.2017      View: 66

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Casketgarden is an American singer.