Adema - Invisible

The game is two feet fame
Mental picture and let it be shown
It looks a lot like this
And I can't bear to look alone

There's a mirror inside
That we never really know
Until the hole gets deeper
And it starts to show
There's a part of you
That likes to feel it to
Just like we always do

I've tried, but I can't explain
Why I'll never be the same
I know I'm just another face in the cloud now
Yet I'm Invisible
I stayed awake until the morning after
I couldn't just tell you there was something wrong
I fought the pain and soon became a disaster
Don't walk away because they're playing our song

No don't go
I get trapped beneath open doors
If you feel the same way to
Then I got nothing left to lose


I've always been a zero
If you could see me now
If you could see me now
If you could see me now

[Chorus x2]
Date: 25.08.2018      View: 112