A Static Lullaby - A Song For A Broken Heart

Take this for what its worth,
This song my smile,
I write to you from hell my song
Leaving my foot against the gas
And the wall that must have said your name
(I`ll write to you from hell tonight)
Waken me, for nothing you can say could
Stop this now, would a noose replace his lips?
Can a song replace a broken heart? can a song
Replace a broken love? on the beach i remind myself
That holding hands is so powerless
Tonight i dont even have the stars to hold onto
Paint this red
Her picture will remain unbroken she crys tonight
I fall in love
Wipe each tear away with sand paper tonight im not alone
I just wanna get your fucking voice out of my head
Will i fall within the break? ill watch you fall.
Date: 09.10.2018      View: 180