A Global Threat - Living Dead

Hungry from the pain nothing in your brain
Alive again from the acid rain
Crawl out of the sewer drain
We're animated skeletons
İt's everyday life that keeps us zombified
We build out own doomsday
Looking for some fun with eyes for everyone
Gotta break out of this daze
Cause we're the Living Dead
Eat what you've fed, working Living Dead
Go home to your box
Lying in the dark, you know you played the part You broke your back if you can't walk away
Wish you could live it up
Born spoon in mouth but i guess you're stuck
İt's a great time to be buried alive
Will you dig your way out?
You're Living Dead
And if these dead walk
These gravestone blocks
The survivors might see the night
That they lose their life
And they'll be the Living Dead
Date: 05.10.2018      View: 172