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Sergio Mendes - Please Baby Don't

Sergio Mendes
(feat. John Legend)

Please baby don't
Don't fall in love with me
Please baby don't
You know my history
See honey I
I'm just trying to warn you
Please baby don't
Don't fall in love with me

We've been cruising down this road a while now
I should tell the truth
Girl you've been so good to me
But I know I'm no good for you
You should run
While you can
Find yourself a better man
Cause I'm known for ???
And for breaking hearts across the land

Yes I've been known to have a few temptationsOut there on the road
Unless they hypothetically I slip and took a couple home
Girl I know that's not fair
You need someone wholl be there
So just get away before
It's too late and your pains too much to bear

chorus x2

Now on second thought
Maybe well give this love a second try
Cause I cant see you with no one else
I'm selfish I cant lie
So let's go
Let's go slow
You know all you need to know
It could end one day
But let's just savour
See how far it goes

Chorus x1

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