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Footsteps tear the cobwebs of a night
Heartbeats fade in skin-distorted black light
Read closed eyes and sew your lies to evermore
If is Why and whispers cry your wounded core, a verbal whore
Your truth is burning in your eyes, your nouns distract my name
Verbs creep craving, adjectives crack echoes of your blame

Creeds of passion form your ache in crooked rhyme
Scorching breath pales pictures fading into skies
Stars your mirrors, black as silver, borrowed life
Phrase-poised rivers, floating shivers, sharpened knives

Our eloquence dried-up
The vivid sentences cut Disguise the inner rot
Discuss the final

keep it inside, reap it inside, rip off the mortal pain

(Read it from my face) your changes faint to same
(Seal it in your gaze) you die of what you've gained
(Stunningly amazed) my coldness drowns your aim
(Defeated and erased) your shot words lose the game

Deserts sigh in mourning as they swell
Rocks forbid the last infectious yell
Crusted bloodstreams underneath the silent sand
Thurst forgetting, hunger runs right through your hands


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