Stronger lyrics

And I made through, and I made it through the,
Oh and i made it through the rain and the cold
through the dark all alone
my life hit rock bottom i had no where to go
and if i could turn back time and change the road that i chose
all the mistakes that i made it burns a hole in my soul
and it took all that i had to get out of that hole
it took the birth of my sons to get back my control
so man i just went number one, aint going back to the dole
im stronger than ever my enemies they thought i would fold and yo

CHORUS Thats why Im standing up,
Im holding on to my life yo I gotta be strong
now watch me rise you wont see me fall
Im stronger now we can take them all

So alone and confused and my soul was abused
and a hand came of the handrail to throw me a noose
it took the love of my fam and my friends to show me the truth
I lived a lifetime of pain and i was only a youth
and its hard tryin to swim in an ocean of fools
and i thought I catch a break but i'd broken the rules
and ma always told me take care of yourself
lest the devil put a fork in the road that you choose
and even the strongest trees must grow from the roots
see a house without love aint a home its a roof
its shelter without warmth and you know its the truth
and i feel most at home when im alone in the booth
and my flow is unstoppable this poem is the proof
its poetry pen and paper my label is showing the fruits while i grow and improve and their all slow and observant
exactly what youve learned and you know when they're throwin the curve
and if their showing concern its not cause their care
its just cause they know what they owe in return
time just feels like its taking me too long
the trials and tribulations are why i grew strong


oh, tell my mother that i love her like no other
im holding nothing above her we made it out of the gutter
did i stutter i came with the goods and for my fam
i came from the hood you got no choice but to plan
a way to make it out somehow we'll brake away
from these chains like che fu well never fade away
i came to stay made it through the rainy days
never will i go astray came to take the pain away

Thats why Im standing up, Im holding on
i just made it through the storm
by all rights i should be gone
they said id never make it i'll prove them all wrong
i took the pain now for so long
and im still here and its my life and im not scared
against all odds i got here give me your best shot yea
cause i can take it i wasn't destined to make it
i was destined to forever burn in a Fiery lake



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