Our Illuminated Tomb lyrics

Where have we come from, you and I?
Like two truths in a world of lies
We sew ourselves with in our hearts
Bounded by our human and flesh filled art

Her touch was warm and light
But their cold stares still fill the night

Life it may continue on
It's mechanized rash dragging along

She shared my blood, and I drank her lust
We lay naked upon a bed of trust And as we watched the bleak sundown begin
Their sinister whispers stirred within

Bind me in your embrace
I'll enter you by all of love's grace

A beating heart within your womb
Rebirth of the past to destroy our present tomb

The world's epitaph lay on a screen
For all of us to pass and to read
This brave new world has been left to us
My love's last kiss and now my son


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