Misunderstood lyrics

Dark is you 'cause you won't see
and its us too and its always me
My penalty is feeling underfoot
Time again and its gone away
Strange looks no matter what I say
We try and fall and don't think its much
Get the truth and its hard to see
Solaces's gone to infinity
My whole life I've tried to feel and fit
Taken in and its always wrong
Feeling fake for much to long
And now we have to look on past this

[Chorus] You line is missing your talk is cheap
Your mouth goes one way walks asleep
If you can't find you
Your're hard to see
And is thats something that you want to be?

[Repeat 1st Verse]


Did you ever will you know?
Kick the soapbox and lose the pose
Keep on trying don't let go
Life's a trail there's more to show


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