Sticks And Stones lyrics

This is all I've got seems nobody cares
They've been giving us what to follow
And I'm caught unaware
Drop and pledge allegiance
To all they've took away
So much is hard to swallow can someone stop to say

Is there this chance no proud way to die
They've been pushing indecision
That they call it dignified
They've got to have and get what they want
When their coffers are bursting
impossible to count

Bring out your dead
Because tomorrow is yesterday
And did we do the right thing?
No regrets is waht we'll say
Slowly finding out that you've been strung along
Don't know about your surroundings
Don't know where you belong

The things i can't believe
They leave no room to breath
The first one to know the last one to know [x2]

Last one to know...

You can't find a person to feed belief
We don't want a peron like you to lead [x2]


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