Blind Spot lyrics

When I think of broken promises,
of opportunities I missed.
I see those fingers,
they're pointing down at me.
To take a swing I can't resist.
I go to shows with a broken nose.
I've got no case I want to leave.
To hear those voices they're calling down at me.
They're saying shit I can't believe.

Out of sight,Out of sight
What it means to me.
Gonna push me outside your mind. To what you call free.
I'm gonna try, mind open wide.
And if it makes you see.
My life I can't comprimise.
Or be what you want me to be.

Sometimes it's certainly rough.
Most times living's not enough.
Sometimes I've got no identity
All I know is that you don't care about....

Is that you don't care about me.


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